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Free Secure DNS (Ads, Trackers, Malwares and Phishing):

About us.

Unveil Technology is a young and highly motivated company whose main objective is to unveil and open all high end technologies to a maximum of users, home users, small/medium business, big companies and ISPs.

We are currently focused on Internet solutions by providing Internet Acceleration, Domains and URL protection with families and enterprises for a better cost. Solutions to protect children, employees already exist but are available for big enterprises only or are very poor in term of accurate database for home users.

Our challenge is to provide to all Internet users an adequate and professional solutions for each one of you including a powerful Domains/URLs filtering engine, an Internet Accelerator, a Devices Manager (HomeBox and SohoBox only), a protection against Malwares, Phishing, Hacking, Spam, Warez, Porn, Hardcore, Violence, Web Advertising, Trackers, etc... A total of 92 categories are available.

Our Global Database is up to 300 Millions Domains/URLs, increasing every week by 1.64+ Millions (average) URLs. Our Categories count more than 139 Millions records, increasing by 1.38+ Millions (average) records per week.

By using UnveilTech's solutions, you will be able to cover 11+ Billion web pages. You will also decrease your Internet bandwidth by at least 50%.

We are also the only editor providing an Heuristic engine inside our solutions. Heuristic engine is very important as there are around 400.000 (average) new created domains every day in the world. Internet is, today, 280 Millions of domain names (registered at the Second quarter of 2014) with a grand total about 400+ Millions web sites since Internet exists. Some have been deleted (not renewed), some are pending for renewal and some are under selling...

Today, it's so important to get the most accurate database in order to take into account all new created websites. Our Heuristic engine can be updated in real-time by our R&D team, new Algorithms are effective in a maximum of 5 minutes to all our customers.

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