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Control Users Internet Access !

What if you were able to restrict and limit which web sites type your employees can surf ?
Web sites should be chosen by category and web activities should be logged ?

Giving full access without any restriction to your Internet access is not the best choice. Your users can utilize the bandwidth at their will for professional and non-professional purposes leaving other users with limited remaining bandwidth.

Our UnveilTech WebFilterBox helps you to limit and restrict the web usage. You can choose to block/unblock specific web sites in order to maximize your employees productivity. The UnveilTech WebFilterBox will not only optimize the usage of your Internet bandwidth but also with its log activities files you will be able to know who did what if needed.

Filter inappropriate content !

What if you were able to secure your users from unwanted content likes Advertising, Pornography, Gambling, Tracker, Social Network,... ?

For many reasons there are too many web sites that you don't want your employees to visit. Inappropriate web content can cause multiple damages to your company: Phishing, Hacking, Virus, Ransomwares, Porn, Adult, Gambling, Social networks,...

Our UnveilTech WebFilterBox filters the web sites by category (92 categories) so you can choose what is acceptable for you and your users. You can also decide to restrict access by specific period of time (e.g. outside business hours) or by individual URL (whitelist/blacklist).

It's up to you to decide if you want to expose your employees and your responsibility...

Secure your users !

How do you protect your employees from dangerous web sites containing Phishing, Hacking, Spam, Virus, Malware, Spyware, ... ?

Unfortunately the web is not the safest place in this digital world. It's hard to protect and secure your users from dangerous web content. You also don't want to risk your personal and professional reputation by loosing your digital identity on web sites that are controlled by Hackers.

Our UnveilTech WebFilterBox secures your users against all known malwares, illegal and fake web sites (Phishing, Hacking,...).

Don't be caught by Internet 'traps' !

Stay Legal !

How do you know that your Internet usage is legal ?
Can you prevent illegal web usage like Child Pornography, Illegal Downloads, Peer-2-Peer, Warez, Drugs,... ?

Granting secured and protected access to Internet to your employees is unfortunately not enough !

As legal representative of your company, misusage of Internet can seriously jeopardize and put at risk your personal liability. You need to make sure that users do not violate any local laws.

Our UnveilTech WebFilterBox will help you and your company to stay legal and make sure that none of your users can do illegal things online (illegal downloads, pornography, drugs, warez,...). In case of legal investigation, your UnveilTech WebFilterBox will provide you with log activities files for further forensics.

Flexible and Affordable Solution with Great ROI !

Chose your own hardware to run UnveilTech WebFilterBox Software Appliance

UnveilTech WebFilterBox is a Software Appliance that contains all necessary software and its operating system. No need to change your network architecture.

Install UnveilTech WebFilterBox Software Appliance on a hardware server of your choice (x86) to handle your users traffic needs. The solution is completely scalable. Upgrade your hardware whenever you need faster response time. Licence is per server for unlimited users.

Return on Investment (ROI) is very rapid not only because of its price and its licensing but also because once in place your users will be more focused on their work and your Internet connexion will be much faster while all your network will be much more safe and secured. All this with a very easy to use and manage solution.

Key Features

UnveilTech WebFilterBox is a highly powerful Software Appliance for URL Filtering combining many more interesting features. The Software Appliance is a All-In-One solution where all necessary software are already configured and ready to be installed on a hardware of your choice (x86 Intel Based - see hardware requirements). Pperating System (Linux based) is also included in the software appliance, so no need to preconfigure anything to run UnveilTech WebFilterBox, just load the software appliance on your server and that's it.

Our URL Database contains more than 139 Millions of domain names, all sorted into 92 categories which represents about 11+ Billions of web pages. To control and restrict your employees Internet activity on specific WebSite you simply just need to use the Web Console and choose which Web categories you want to block (completely or a specific time of the day).

  • Very Easy Installation:
    • Just need to download ISO file (software appliance) from our web server.
    • ISO file contains all necessary files and programs (Operating System + Main Filtering Programs)
    • Burn ISO File on a CDROM and boot from it on your hardware appliance (see hardware requirements)
    • After few minutes of installation and 2 reboots (get latest updates) your UnveilTech WebFilterBox is ready
    • Route all your Web traffic to UnveilTech WebFilterBox and you are ready to filter
  • Transparent Proxy and WCCP2:
    • Supports Mikrotik TProxy mode (mangling)
    • Supports Cisco WCCP2 Protocol
  • Web Management Console:
    • User Friendly Web Console to help administrators with easy configuration
    • Absolutely no need to make any manual file configuration, everything is done with a Browser
    • No specific skills required by administrators to manage UnveilTech WebFilterBox
  • Filter WebSites by Categories.
    • Choose which type of WebSites you want to block in your network by selecting web categories
    • Our database of categorized WebSites is divided in to 92 categories to ease selection
  • Database Update.
    • Database containing 139 Millions categorized URL is updated on a daily basis to offer you most efficient filtering results.
    • Yet UnveilTech WebFilterBox also integrates a ZeroDay update mechanism to benefit from most urgent URL updates.
  • Easy Management of White & Black lists.
    • You can easily customize your filtering options by adding your own list of domain names
    • Import text list or choose from already visited URL which WebSites you want to block (black list) or those you never want to be blocked again (white list)
  • Heuristic Filtering Engine.
    • Block domain name based on key words
    • Use additional filtering option by choosing words that you want to filter out from WebSite domain names
    • Fully customizable by word weight
  • Professional Anti-Virus, Anti-Phishing & Anti-RandsomWare :
    • Real-time scanning of Internet traffic
    • Scanning of Phishing Websites, SSL Mismatch, etc...
    • Scanning of Executables, Archive Files, OLE Documents, etc...
    • Detection of potentially harmful programs
    • Much more...
  • Filter Search Engine Results (SafeSearch option).
    • Many search engines (eg Google, Bing, Yahoo, ...) offer an option called SafeSearch for filtering results found (websites, images, ...) against sexual contents (adult, child pornography, ...).
    • This feature forces systematic use of this Filter for all users who then won't be able to disable at will.
    • This is an excellent first level of content filtering and especially for image searches.
  • YouTube For Schools.
    • If you want to restrict YouTube access to only educational videos, you can activate a special switch in YouTube searches to limit its access to a broad set of educational videos only.
  • Statistics can also help you to check :
    • What is wrong in your network
    • Which websites are surfed
    • How many internet requests are done
    • What is or not blocked by the Filter engine
    • Total traffic volume...
    • Protected devices
    • etc...
  • Blocking Page :
    • With Regular or Minimal Block pages, you have the possibility to select the type of the Blocking Page you want to display to your users.
    • Both of them will provide all detailed information about the Block.
  • Block unsecured SSL connections.
    • Powerful engine against unsecured SSL :
    • Identify unsecured SSL connections that encrypt communications and hide IP addresses of users
    • Block users browsing Internet not securely as they can access infected and unsecured web sites
    • Much more...
  • Improved Advertising and Banners Blocker.
    • Powerful engine to block advertising and banners on Web Pages
    • Advanced features for Web Category called 'Web Advertising'
  • And much more...
Are all Internet contents
good for your users ?
Protect your employees:
  • Inappropriate Contents : Do not let your users without protection on Internet. Content and information found on Internet are not necessarily appropriate and may hurt and shock them. Even a simple search on a search engine can lead to offensive content / violent. For example Websites belonging to the following categories :Sex, Hardcore, Porn, Drugs, Violence, Alcohol, Gambling...
  • Dangerous Contents : On Internet there are more and more websites offering dangerous contents. Such as Phishing (Spoofing Sites), Hacking, ...
  • Discretion : More and more websites have the tendency to monitor your activities and your behavior on Internet. Do not let them spy on you by protecting yourself against such practices through our category Tracking.
The Web the way you want it:
  • For you, we have sorted millions of websites all around the world and categorized them in 92 different categories.
  • You simply need to choose among the different categories the ones you want to protect your employees against.
  • We do the work for you and therefore there is no need for you (as it's often necessary in web control software available on the market) to fill out lists of websites to block or unblock, everything is now automatic depending on your choice of categories.
Filter Search Engine Results (SafeSearch):
  • Many search engines (eg Google, Bing, Yahoo, ...) offer an option called SafeSearch for filtering results found (websites, images, ...) against sexual contents (adult, child pornography, ...). Despite efforts brought by these engines to make Internet a better place, this not so often used option is at the sole discretion of each single user who can decide to use or not to use it (option often available in the parameters of the search engines).
  • With our solution, you can force systematic use of this option for all users who then won't be able to disable at will. This is an excellent first level of content filtering and especially for image searches.
Multiple detailed log activities reports:
  • To help you understand what is happening on your internet, your UnveilTech WebFilterBox provides you with multiple graphs and detailed reports
  • List of the most visited websites
  • List of blocked websites (according to your criteria)
  • List of devices that use the most Internet
  • Graph usage and load Internet
  • And much more...
Black & White Lists:
  • If by chance, we have not yet categorized or incorrectly categorized a website which in this case could be blocked by our solution, you can simply place this website in your White list to unlock and vice versa in the Black list to block it.
  • At any time you can easily modify these lists.
What are the Risks while Surfing the Web ?
Very comprehensive database of categorized Websites:
  • Our database containing more than 139 Millions of domain names (URLs) sorted into 92 categories which represents about 11+ Billions of web pages is stored in the Cloud.
  • By moving our database into the Cloud you not only instantly enjoy from the real-time all the updates on your server.
Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing :
  • The Solution UnveilTech WebFilterBox offers the possibility to activate a web antivirus in order to stop all upstream viruses before they end up on your devices during your downloads.
  • Also, among the 92 categories that our solution offers to filter the Web, some of the categories are specifically dedicated for your own security, a good example is the category called Phishing which listed various known websites whose purpose is by mimic trustworthy entities (official sites) to capture personal information (user name, address, email, credit card, pin code, ...)
Blocking Web Sites and Unveil Technology's database :
  • This database is a combination of our own technologies and multiple trusted sources.
  • Yet Tens of thousands of new websites appear every day.
  • Unveil Technology strives to keep its database up to date but there we may have missed to categorize a new website. In this case, each client can also participate in a very simple manner to the common effort of categorizing the web by classifying himself the said website. The more the participation, the faster the web is categorized and therefore faster everyone can enjoy, it's the power of the Community. Of course, before making available to all customers Unveil Technology verifies the provided information. In any case, you enjoy the updates to our database in the cloud in real time.
Requirements and Integration
System Requirements :
    Operating Systems
  • UnveilTech WebFilterBox is a Software Appliance which includes its own preconfigured software including its Operating System based on a Linux based 32 or 64 bits.
  • You just need to download the ISO file (which contain everything needed to run the UnveilTech WebFilterBox) from our Web server and then burn it on a CDROM.
  • Choose an x86 Server based on the hardware requirement below and boot it from the CDROM and then simply follow the easy instruction for complete installation.
  • After few minutes when it's done you simply need to reboot you UnveilTech WebFilterBox server to have it ready to use
    Hardware Requirements for the Software Appliance:
    • Microprocessor
    • 64 bit processor, 4 cores mini
    • Hard Disk
    • Hard Disk 32 GB minimum.
    • The UnveilTech WebFilterBox does NOT support RAID systems.
    • RAM
    • We advice a minimum of 4 GB
    • Installation
    • CD/DVD or USB Drive for installation.
    • Internet connection for the Database and Configuration update.
    • Virtual computer (VMWare):
    • It's possible to run our Software Appliance on VMWare (very convenient for testing) in such case allow a minimal of 32 GB for disk space.
Examples of configurations based on external benchmarks :
  • Atom Core Duo 1.8 GHz, RAM 2 GB, Users : 5, Charge is 1%
  • Core Duo 2.33 GHz, RAM 2 GB, Users : 30, Charge is 3%
  • Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz, RAM 8 GB, Users : 2500, Charge is 35%
  • Xeon Dual Core 1.6 GHz, RAM 8 GB, Users : 55, Charge is 20%
  • Xeon Quad Core 2.66 GHz, RAM 12 GB, Users : 4000, Charge is 2%
These data are given as examples, same configuration may not be perfect with your network. We advice you to make your own tests...

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