"Boost, Control, Filter, Secure and Legalize your Web Traffic."

Unveil Technology Webfilter Toolbar - All Users.

The Webfilter Toolbar is very easy to use : Just simply drag & drop the plugin to your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, that's all !
Then, the toolbar automaticaly appears on the top of your browser, you will be able to check the quality of the website you are currently visiting.

Statistics :

  • 0 Websites already analyzed, still counting...
  • 0 Entreprises/Homes using the WebFilter Toolbar.
  • Most Visited Categories last 7 days

The toolbar includes :

  • Category of the Website : Porn, Malware, Advertising, Shopping, etc...
  • Website Rating : Display the right picture according to the right Age (3/7/12/16/18 years old)
  • Risky Site : % of the Risk of infections (ex: Defaced site, Trojan-downloader, etc...)
  • Child Risky : % of Risk with Children (ex: Nudity, Adult, Porn, Warez, etc...)
  • Online Safe : means the visited website is infected by Malware (ex: Virus, Trojan, etc...) and/or provides Phishing (ex: Bank account, etc...)
  • Suspicious IP : means the IP address hosting the website is identified as Spammer, Malicious Host, Scanning Host, etc...
  • Alexa Traffic Rank : Based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data.
  • Google Page Rank : The rank value indicates an importance of a particular page (0: not popular, 10: very popular).

Download the latest version:

UnveilTech Toolbar version 0.4 (17 Kb) for Google Chrome
Download from Chrome Web Store
You should be using Chrome when you click on the Download icon.
UnveilTech Toolbar version 0.5.2 (26 Kb) for Mozilla Firefox
Download from UnveilTech
You should be using Firefox when you click on the Download icon.