"Boost, Control, Filter, Secure and Legalize your Web Traffic."
Free Secure DNS (malwares and phishing):
Internet Bandwidth Booster
High Performance Software Appliance to speed up your Internet Bandwidth by caching Video, Music, Images and CDNs. Simply load it on a dedicated hardware server to immediately free significant part of your current Internet bandwidth usage. Supports and caches contents from 900+ media Web sites.
SOHO - SMB - Entreprise
The WebFilter Box is the highly powerful Software Appliance dedicated to Web Filtering to protect against users from unwanted/unsecured web content.
User Privacy
Perfect solution for those who would like to protect all their web traffic from spying eyes. ShadowBox is a proxy server that works with TOR network. ShadowBox also protects you against advertisement pollution and dangerous contents while speeding up your internet line by caching videos, music, images ...
Build your own CDN
Save precious bandwidth during business hours by downloading data during night time. Significantly reduce your overloaded bandwidth with WindowsUpdate, Apple, Steam, Netflix, PrimeVideo, PlayStation, Xbox, etc...


Partners - Entreprise
Unveil Technology is a provider of website categorization technologies, URL database, malicious websites detection, heuristic detection, child rating and reputation blocklist solutions. UnveilTech's team of software engineers, researchers, analysts and other professionals is committed to being the leader/faster in categorizing the web...
Squid plugin - Advanced Cache feature for Squid Cache
Now with this ultimate plugin, your own Squid Proxy Cache will be able to cache most online video, music, image, library and CDNs files from popular websites like YouTube to optimize significantly your Internet bandwidth.
Currently, 900+ websites are supported.